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The Back Belt Easer is a top quality fur product made and designed in New Zealand. The material is a special flexible strong fabric that is suitable for attaching to the New Zealand Brushtail fur pelt, which makes it a very comfortable Belt to wear.

New Zealand designed and made natural fur product which gives relief and easement from Arthritis, Rheumatic and othe muscular related back pain.

It works by creating localised warming around the affected area (the lower back ) where the pains are - and is comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods, in all types of environments.

One of the first and most pleasurable, comfortable benefits a customer will experience when wearing the Back Belt Easer, is the almost immediate warmth reaction, followed by heat retention that only the Brush Tail fur can offer, because of it’s unique fur qualities.

The Back Belt Easer is designed not to be cumbersome and easy to apply in the lower back area. Once applied it is well disguised when wearing, hence not showing or displaying any bulkiness around the waist area.

It is suitable to wear for example - In sitting positions, riding a motor bike, cycling, driving a vehicle, when standing, skiing, outdoors and indoors work, sports, walking, when lying down for resting or any other normal functions and activities.

For best results for both products It is recommended to keep wearing the products (Wristband/Back belt) during and after, either in the work place or other repetitive back or wrist activities.

By observing the above recommendations you will find that either product will function well and you will get a suitable and desirable outcome.

The pelt of the Possum Fur is attached to Neoprene by hand machined stitching.

Neoprene is a versatile fabric that is flexible and comfortable to wear. Neoprene will not be affected if it becomes moistened by liquids or rain water.
Rain water will not affect the Fur
Should other liquids spill onto the Fur please refer or enclosed Flyer on how to clean and look after the product.

The Back Belt Easer comes in 3 sizes, S-M-L.

Cleaning instructions included with product.

Mahé Drysdale, five times world champion in single sculls rowing suffered severe back aches while competing in China in 2008. Upon
his return to New Zealand he began wearing the Back Belt.
He wore the Back Belt while competing, and winning, various world events including the Olympic Gold Medal in London, 2012.

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Noel McCutcheon:
I have suffered from lower back pain for several years, the last two of which I have resorted to pain killers to ease the chronic pain.
Two months ago I started wearing the brush-tail BACK Easer and within 48 hours I had very little pain. I no longer have to take pain relief medication.The natural relief I experience from wearing the brush-tail belt enables me to once again carry out my daily duties pain free.
I have been both surprised and delighted with the benefit from wearing the BACK Easer and would highly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing lower back pain.

Noel McCutcheon
NZ Professional Jockey (retired.)