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 fur Ms 01 Under the microscope: strands of Brushtail fur showing its hollow nature

BrushTail fur fact file

Brushtail fur, like that of the polar bear and arctic fox, has the unique quality of hollow hair fibres which provide superior insultating properties.
The hollow fibres allow the fur to breathe as the body heats.

The hollow fibres create an effect called effleurage, a recognised medical effect of light stroking of the skin. This effect stimulates nerve receptors in the skin to such a degree that it competes with pressure signals (pain) from deeper stressed tissue. This effleurage affect overlays pleasurable sensations, helping to relieve pain and discomfort .... the science of it being that the thermal stability promotes greater blood flow circulation and nerve relief, allowing tired and strained muscles to relax and rejuvenate.

Brushtail fur is far warmer than wool or feather down and does not matt
Brushtail fur does not create static electricity so will not attract dust or dirt
Brushtail fur will not be damaged or affected by most forms of moisture.

The pelt of the Possum Fur is attached to Neoprene by hand machined stitching.

Neoprene is a versatile fabric that is flexible and comfortable to wear. Neoprene will not be affected if it becomes moistened by liquids or rain water.
Rain water will not affect the Fur
Should other liquids spill onto the Fur please refer or enclosed Flyer on how to clean and look after the product.